04 January 2009

I got tagged...TWICE..so here goes.

Oh, and TWO of you did this...so I guess I have to.

25 RANDOM things about ME:

1. I am a total carnivore. (Not to copy your first one Elle) I love steaks, chicken, mmmmm. Dinner.

2. Speaking of food, I actually kind of enjoy MRE's. Thats "Meal Ready to Eat" for you civilian types. Most would find them disgusting...but I strangely like them.

3. I got glasses in the third grade. Contact lenses in the 8th...and LASIK on New Years Eve (of all days) in 2004. Best. Decision. Ever.

Ok, to the GOOD stuff...

4. I cook. I clean. I do laundry. I am quite domestic. hey, you be 25 and hopelessly single..you'll learn.

5. I, as heterosexual as I am, LOVE Grey's Anatomy. Go ahead, mock me. Its a great show...and I have some strange thing for Lexi Grey. (Haha)

6. I am WRITING a book. (Whoa now) I spoke with a publisher a few months ago. Its a secret for now. But some of you people may make an appearance ;)

7. I have 2 tattoos. I REALLY want a 3rd one. I know what I want..I just cant decide where to put it! grrrr.

8. I'm 25. I've had these tattoo's for YEARS...and my parents DON'T know. They'd go bat-shit crazy.

9. I strangely WANT kids. (whoa now)

10. I despise most people in Hollywood. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE movies..and I even like a few actors. But please, shut the fuck up and just ACT. I don't give a shit about your political views or how eco-friendly you think I should be...just ACT assholes.

11. My BlackBerry is my new favorite toy.

12. Here's random for you. I can name the BEST meal I have ever eaten. The Rose and Crown Pub in St.Albans. On the outskirts of London. Holy shit amazing.

13. My Dad is my hero.

14. I am an "adrenaline-junkie". Damn you US Army for letting me jump out of aircraft.

15. I feel naked without my watch on.

16. I've been shot in my body armor before. TWICE. Its not like the movies kids...that shit hurts.

17. (Ok, THIS one is for you Elle) I LOVE seeing Memphis on "The First 48". I think it is HILARIOUS. I love seeing streets I've driven down, etc. Its funny.

18. My dog is like my child. Ok, my adopted child (she's a pound-rescue). But seriously, I love my dog.

19. I don't know how I lived without an iPod?

20. I wish I could collectively "pimp-slap" every member of Congress (The House AND The Senate...and BOTH Parties) Get a real job...bitches.

21. I have strong, strong, strong doubts about Barack Obama's ability to deliver on everything he has promised and he definitely has NO business being my Commander-in-Chief. (Hey, he is NOT the President YET people)

22. I want to punch slow walking people in the back of the head. (what?)

23. Televangelists are some of the funniest people I have ever seen. (Hey, I am a Christian...but come on Joel Osteen...lay off the Bo-Tox hero)

24. I am AMAZED by some other countries Military forces. I read about them, study them, etc. Not just to "know my enemy"...I just honestly find some of them interesting. Like the Russian Special Forces, the "Spetznaz", learn to fight...WITH A SHOVEL! A SHOVEL! Thats crazy. Come at me with your shovel. I'll kill you. With my rifle. From 300 meters away.

25. I'm one of the few people you probably know who really is going to spend his entire professional career serving this country. I dont just mean a few years...I mean all of it. You guys are worth it. I want you guys to be safe and enjoy all the FREEDOMS we have.

Out here,


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